Fresno, California Pet Photography About Us

About Rebecca…

Besides being an avid photographer, Rebecca is a dog trainer in the Central Valley of California. Rebecca trains dogs and their people in the Fresno, Visalia, Bakersfield and surrounding areas. Rebecca is considered Your Pro Dog Trainer in the Central Valley of California! Rebecca Ross is also the founder and Director of “Dogs for Conservation” ( which provides and trains detection canines to assist with wildlife conservation efforts. As a wildlife ecologist and detection dog trainer, Rebecca has worked in the field both in the United States and in southern Africa for many years now. Rebecca has extensive animal training experience, having trained captive exotic animals for behavioral husbandry purposes as well as many years of companion dog training.

About Riley….

I’m sure many of you are wondering why a Fresno, California pet photography company would name their pet photography business, “Life of Riley Photography”. Oh boy where to start…

I’m sure some of you know what I mean when I say Riley is my “heart” dog. Riley came into my life in 2004 as a little polar bear cub look-alike, and as my first dog that I raised and trained all by myself. I was living in South Africa at the time, so yes, I guess you could say he is African-American and he probably barks with a funny accent.

Riley has been by my side through so much. He’s moved overseas THREE times with me and helped me through the birth of daughter in 2008 and practically helped raise her since!

Riley has had several near death experiences, one of which I nearly went with him (ask me about it!) and he’s just been my closest companion going on twelve years now.

Riley has watched wild whales, seals and penguins with me in Cape Town. He’s roamed the South African bush flushing antelope and cobras. He’s been to Yellowstone National Park and watched a pack of wolves frolic with their cubs. Riley has even observed Desert Bighorn Sheep with me on White Sands Missile Range and much, much more.

He’s not perfect, but he has been perfect for me. I wanted to name my Fresno, California pet photography business after him, and incorporate some of that “good life” attitude he has always had into our business name.




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