I Photograph Working / Sporting Dogs

I Photograph Working / Sporting Dogs!

As a professional dog trainer and handler myself, I know how great it is to get some good photos of your dog in action. I have been photographing working detection dogs for quite a while now, and can also photograph dogs in a variety of sports and specialties including Agility, Schutzhund, Hunt/Retrieve Field Trials, Conformation, Disc, Dock Diving, Obedience etc. I can photograph your dog/s in action and/or set up private, one on one portrait sessions where we can talk about getting the shots you want!

I believe this Photographing Working Dogs Gallery requires a little explanation so you can understand what you are looking at a little bit better. Most of the dogs featured in this album are Search & Rescue Dogs.

Some of them are trained to find people still alive, and others are trained to find bodies and give families closure. Some of them are trained to go into the Wilderness after lost hikers, confused dementia patients, autistic kids, etc, while some of them specialize in Disaster work, running atop rubble piles and collapsed buildings in the aftermath of a bombing, hurricane, earthquake, etc.

In some photos you will see the edge of a cage looking thing, this is part of a training exercise in which Cadaver Dogs are exposed to human bodies in a controlled setting at a Forensic Anthropology Facility where human bodies are studied in many ways to assist later on with crime scenes and other scenarios.

I cannot emphasize enough how special these dogs are, and how special their human counterparts are as well. Please support your local Search & Rescue organization!!


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